Mode to select bus service in the Malaysia

The bus traveller of Malaysia who buys bus ticket Malaysia daily should keep following poiein mind before riding on the bus. They are paying full fare so they have full right to experience Royal experience on their bud. From single deck to double deck bus, each bus operator offers different range of bus type to cater to your needs. While a basic single deck 44 seater bus with more seat selection, there are 27 seater double deck VIP class which provide basic on board TV entertainment.

Not satisfy yet? We heard you. Besides the basic VIP class, the super VIP 18 seater double deck class offers ride experience and on-board facilities that rival a flight journey. Every seats on board feature an individual on-board entertainment system, meal, drinks and a bus steward to serve you . Not to mention, you will enjoy ample of leg room with less crowded passenger!

Basic single deck 44 seater bus is perfect for journey less than 4 hours, it is much cheaper and your journey wouldn’t take too long. If you are taking a long distance bus ride that is more than 5 hours, it will be much comfortable to go for VIP double deck class or super VIP double deck class.

Different bus type and bus operators price vary depend on the time you book your bus ticket, ranging from the MYR35 for the basic 44 seater bus to MYR98 for the super VIP double deck class per trip.

Our website on board facilities Icons are available to you as an indication to which type of bus you are choosing. Icons are located below the bus operator name on the booking page. Each icon indicate different type of on board facilities the bus operator offers. If a bus operator is without any icons, it is the basic 44 seater. The super VIP double deck class bus comes with all the on board facilities indication while normal VIP double class has a lesser icon.