While traveling by bus to any parts of Singapore, you are able to enjoy many benefits. There are many gorgeous scenery which you can get to see on the way is one of the reasons. If you are in the vacation, this idea is the best way to Travel by bus to JB. You will not feel regret on making the choice due to theses great facilities, which you can get to enjoy while choosing this mode of transport. There are also many low cost airline services between Malaysia and JB, but the bus transport will be the better option. Let us look for the key benefits.

Low fares: One of the most important reasons that makes the bus journey as a best option while compared with the other modes of transport is due the attractive fares. The bus fares are very much less than the airline ticket fares. There will be many offers available to the passengers too.

Travel time: While you travel by bus, it may take almost four hours to reach the destination. This will be definitely a longer duration when compared with the flight journey. But you may know that the flight journey requires your presence at least an hour in advance. Also, you may be need of the cab to airport to boarding the flight and other one to reach the preferred destination after landing. While calculating all these, this will consume the lot of time. Hence, it is not the huge difference in travel time while compared with the flight journey.

Excellent facilities: Since, the price are very much low when compared to the flight, you must feel that the bus journey is little but uncomfortable. You might be wrong in this statement. The bus coaches are very well facilitated with all the needed facilities to provide you with the wonderful journey. You may also have the internet connectivity, sleeping facilities, video options, and even the food options while you are traveling by bus. Some of these facilities are not available even you travel in the business class flight. Hence, the comfort features you might get to enjoy while traveling through bus are definitely as good as, if not better than the flight journey. Also, you should not forget about the price difference provided while you take a look at all these facilities.