Signs You Need A Tree Service Contractor

Virtually every home or property has a tree in the compound. Similarly, trees are planted to beautify the landscape and provide a perfect shade from extreme weather conditions including sunlight. To that effect, trees need proper care and maintenance. These include trimming and pruning it at least once annually. Conversely, if you haven’t been maintaining your trees for a while or you are just unsure of when it needs professional help, below are four possible signs that indicate that your tree is in need of a professional tree service contractor.

Long Tree Branches

If your tree branches are growing longer than usual, or making it uncomfortable to sit or walk past it, then you have to start making plans to have it trimmed. In addition, if the branch is starting to scratch your fence, power cable, cars or any other structure, you should take adequate steps by hiring a professional tree service company to do the needful. Do not wait for the storms to wreak havoc before you act.

Tree Looks Wrong

If your tree appears to be bent, tilted at an awkward angle, has sparse leafs or fuller branches on either side, then it is time you should start looking for a professional tree service. A professional tree service company can bring your tree back to its proper and natural shape. Similarly, if you notice any defect or crack to the branches of your tree, endeavor to contact a tree service company immediately. If ignored, the tree could be damaged for life.

 Dead Branches

If you notice a broken or dead branch on your tree, it is imperative that you cut it off. If left untreated, the branches are likely to spread diseases to other parts of the tree as well as other trees nearby. Thus, it is imperative that you seek a tree service company to have it taken care of. In the event that the whole tree is dead, you would require a tree service to remove and cut it down.

No Sun Shines Through the Branches

Most homeowners seek shelter under a tree especially on a hot and sunny day. However, if you look up to the sky from underneath the tree and cannot still see the sunlight, then your tree needs to be thinned out. Because, if your tree does not receive adequate sunlight, it can significantly stunt its growth.Hence, get a tree service company to get it trimmed.

The signs enumerated above should give you a clear idea about the health status of your tree and if it requires any professional tree service. On the other hand, if you are still unsure, then you should get in touch with a professional tree service contractor. Subsequently, a tree service contractor will examine your tree and let you know the tree services it requires, in addition to giving you a quote for them and informing you on how quick the problem should be addressed.